Extrusion Industry

The company is familiar with the extrusion process of various plastics and rubber materials, and has experience in the application of melt pumps in many extrusion systems. It provides various sheets, plates, pipes, films, wire drawing, underwater pelletizing, masterbatch extrusion and pelletizing, and rubber A variety of melt gear pumps used in extrusion systems such as preforming are widely used in various polymer materials.
The company can provide melt pumps with high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance, which are used in high filling and high corrosion conditions.

5. Extrusion industry

Melt Gear Pump for Large Extrusion System—4000cc/r

5. Extrusion industry1

Melt gear pump for foaming PS

5. Extrusion industry2

Melt pump for optical fiber extrusion

Extrusion industry3

Melt pump for rubber extrusion

5. Extrusion industry4

Melt pump for sheet extrusion

5. Extrusion industry5

Melt pump for melt blown