New solvent method cellulose fiber lyocell fiber(Lyocell Fiber)
Lyocell fiber is made of natural cellulose as raw material. After a series of physical changes are used to form a viscous liquid with organic solvent NMMO, it is spun through a dry-wet spinning process. It has a variety of excellent properties of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. Of cellulose fibers. Because of its renewable raw materials, pollution-free production process, and considerable social and economic benefits, Lyocell fiber is known as a new type of low-carbon environmentally friendly fiber with great development potential in the 21st century.
The production of Lyocell fiber by N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO) solvent method is a new process for producing cellulose fiber without chemical reaction. The solvent itself is non-toxic and can be efficiently recycled; there is no harmful substance in the production process. Discharge, no pollution to the environment; the fiber itself has good mechanical properties and moisture absorption properties, and can be degraded naturally, meeting people’s demand for advocating nature and returning to nature. It conforms to the environmental protection concept of the renewable utilization of global resources, and is known as the “green fiber” of the 21st century.
Lyocell fiber has the characteristics of high dry strength, wet strength and high wet modulus. It has the characteristics of softness of cotton, luster of silk and smoothness of hemp. It has good moisture absorption, good drape, easy dyeing, and strong abrasion resistance. , High spinnability, so it has a wide range of applications in clothing, industry, non-woven fabrics and other fields.

Lyocell Staple Fiber Process flow

Lyocell Fiber1
Our company has been developing and producing melt gear pumps for Lyocell devices since 2005. With all the research and development process of domestic Lyocell fiber production devices, we have developed and produced 1000t/a, 3000t/a, 5000t/a, 15Kt/a, 25Kt/a Lyocell staple fiber production device special pump, 1000t/a, 3000t/a Lyocell filament production device special pump, and is developing 25Kt/a, 50Kt/a, 60Kt/a Lyocell staple fiber production device special pump.
Lyocell fiber is produced by NMMO solvent method. The polymer melt viscosity is high, the shearing performance is special, the process temperature control is strict, and the process is dangerous. Therefore, the design and production of the melt gear pump has extremely high requirements, high precision, and structure. The design is highly pertinent; after years of research and development, the company has launched a special melt pump for the Lyocell device and has applied for a patent.
The company currently has more than a dozen successful applications of melt pumps for Lyocell production equipment, and has accumulated rich experience in field use. It has a relatively in-depth understanding of Lyocell production processes and material characteristics, and can provide users with effective and reliable melts. Pump selection scheme.

1. Lyocell Fiber.

Lyocell Fiber

Large size discharge pump and booster pump-12000cc/r, used for 20Kt/a Lyocell staple fiber production line;

Large size discharge pump and 1

Large size discharge pump and 2

Large size discharge pump and 3

Large size discharge pump and booster pump-8000cc/r & 4000 cc/r, used for 15Kt/a 5Kt/a Lyocell staple fiber production line;

Large size discharge pump and 4

Used in Lyocell filament production line