Working Principle of The External Gear Pump

The external gear pump working cycle can be separated into three steps: filling, transfer and delivery.


1, When the gears on the inlet side of the pump come out of mesh, they create an expanded volume. Fluid is sucked into the cavities and is locked by the gear teeth as the gear continue to rotate against the pump housing.


2, The locked liquid is transferred from the inlet to the outlet around the housing.


3,The volume is decreased and liquid is pushed out under pressure when the gears’ teeth become interlocked on the outlet side. 


Because gears are interlocked in the center, no fluid passes back through the center. The tight tolerance between the gear and the housing allows the pump to generate suction at the inlet and prevent fluid leakage from the outlet side (Although low-viscosity liquids are more likely to leak).

Post time: Nov-10-2021