Working principle of gear pump

    External gear pump is the most widely used in a gear pump, it is the use of two meshing gear between the work volume changes to transport liquids. Gear pump structure is very simple, generally by the two gears, pump body and front and rear cover composition, the shell inside similar to figure 8. The outer diameter and both sides of the two gears are closely matched with the shell. When the gear rotates, the gear on the detached side exits between the teeth, which makes the space volume change from small to large and forms a local vacuum. 

    Outside liquid in the role of atmospheric pressure suction teeth, with the rotation of the gear, the space between the teeth from large to small. The fluid drawn between the teeth is carried to the other side, on the other side of the gear. The gears engage, and the volume of the enclosed space is gradually reduced, causing the liquid to be squeezed out.

    Simply speaking, the gear off the side, as the volume of the sealed space to form a vacuum, it is constantly from the oil tank, the gear meshing side of the sealed volume is continuously reduced oil discharge.


Post time: Aug-23-2021