What is the role of the melt metering pump in the extrusion system?


The main function of the metering melt pump is to accurately control the amount of material input to the die. The principle is that the gear pump conveys materials by gears. When the specifications of each tooth on the gear are the same and the speed of the gear pump is close to constant, the material removed by the pump per unit time will be quantitative.

Because of the precise output characteristics of the metering melt pump, it reduces the fluctuation of the extruder due to different reasons. Gear pumps can reduce material output fluctuations caused by large temperature changes, feed interruptions, polymer mixing changes, and surge caused by the screw. After eliminating these problems, not only can reduce the number of personnel to monitor the extruder, but also increase the production efficiency and product quality.

To make the melt pump have a stable output, it is also necessary to monitor the melt pump, but this monitoring is much simpler than the extruder. The important parameters that need to be observed are the inlet and outlet pressure and pressure difference of the pump, the motor ampere, the seal leakage on the gear shaft and the pump temperature.

In addition to improving output and stability, the gear pump can also play a role in boosting, so that it can reduce the head pressure on the extruder screw, reduce the workload of the extruder, increase the output, and increase the Service life of extruder’s.

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Post time: Nov-29-2021