The main features and advantages of external gear pumps

The structure of the external gear pump is compact and simple, with a few number of moving parts. The most important part of it is the gear. The gears can be designed as spur or helical teeth. The advantage of spur gears is that they can provide higher speeds and are more convenient to maintain. The characteristic of the helical gear is that it can reduce the noise and vibration of the pump. The simple structure and the design of the gear make it able to cope with high-pressure and high-viscosity materials, so external gear pumps are particularly suitable for pumping polymers, fuels and chemical additives, etc.

Since the output is proportional to the speed and is a smooth pulse-free flow, external gear pumps are usually used for metering and polymer processes because the metering is continuous and the output is easy to monitor. The low internal volume provides a reliable measurement of the liquid passing through the pump and therefore provides accurate flow control. The main material of the external gear pump can be customized, so it can handle the high corrosion and high wear conditions encountered in the work.

Post time: Nov-15-2021