The third Biodegradable plastic will be held in Dalian from September 23 to 24


    Background of the foruma

    The Biodegradable plastic can be broken down into carbon dioxide and water in short time under certain conditions, which is an effective way to deal with "white pollution" and "marine plastic pollution" . In January 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the opinions on further strengthening the control of plastic pollution, prohibiting and restricting the production, sale and use of some disposable Biodegradable plastic products. By 2021, China's provinces and autonomous regions had issued local plastic pollution control policies, giving a strong boost to the Biodegradable plastic market.

    Biodegradable plastic can be produced from either biological or petrochemical or coal chemical sources. The Biodegradable plastic obtained from biomass mainly include polylactic acid (PLA) , Polyhydroxyalkanoate, etc.  The main Biodegradable plastic prepared from coal and petroleum are dibasic acid dibasic alcohol copolyesters (including PBAT PBS PBSA PBST) , polyglycolic acid (PGA) , polycaprolactone, polyprolactone (PPL) and copolyesters (PPC, PC-P) .

    POLYLACTIC ACID (PLA) and PBAT are typical examples of biodegradable plastics made from biological and fossil materials respectively. Polylactic acid is proposed to build capacity of more than one million tons, and PBAT/PBS and other planning capacity of up to eight million tons, for technology and equipment suppliers to bring huge market opportunities. At the same time, the price, supply and demand of poly (lactic acid) , lactide, PBAT/PBS core materials BDO, adipic acid, succinic acid, etc. .

    The 2021, PPC, Pha, and PGA industries have also made significant progress. 2021 in January, Boda east 50,000 TPA PPC trial successfully. In February, 2021 completed funding of nearly 200 million yuan for construction of a 10,000 ton Pha plant. In April, 2021 signed a letter of intent with 10 customer representatives to buy and sell PGA products, and the 50,000 ton annual PGA demonstration program in Yulin is expected to begin production at the 2021.

    Biodegradable plastic can be used in the field of disposable products, such as plastic packaging, agricultural film, disposable tableware; also can be used in durable, semi-durable products. Compared with traditional plastics, Biodegradable plastic still has some gaps in heat resistance, toughness, high strength mechanical properties, and high wear resistance processability. Different Biodegradable plastic can be blended and modified to improve performance and broaden application scenarios.

    Changxing Island (Xizhong Island) petrochemical industry base is one of the seven largest petrochemical industry bases in China. According to the plan, by 2030, the total refining capacity of the petrochemical industry base in Changxing Island Xizhong Island will reach 40 million tons, 10 million tons of aromatics (PX) and 10 million tons of ethylene. The yield of finished oil will be less than 33 percent, and the proportion of new chemical materials and high-end chemicals will reach 30 percent.

    Biodegradable plastic raw materials include lactic acid, lactide, BDO  , PTA, adipic acid, succinic acid, 1,2-epoxypropane, etc. . As one of the seven major petrochemical industry bases in China, Changxing Island (Xizhong Island) petrochemical industry base makes full use of the existing PTA raw materials, accelerate the implementation of 2.4 million tons per year polyester, adipic acid, maleic anhydride, Biodegradable plastic, textile park and other projects.

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