The 6th China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Procurement Conference in 2021

Our company will be on July 21 in the sixth China petroleum and chemical industry procurement conference display products, welcome everyone to visit this exhibition professional platform, not only to show the exhibitors of our continuous efforts, the pursuit of excellence, but also consolidate the existing relationship, found that cooperation possible new potential customers, laid the foundation for the future market development.

Exhibit signing time: July 20,2021

Meeting time: July 20-21,2021

Meeting time: July 21 afternoon, 2021

Location: Nanjing Shuguang International Hotel (No. 107 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District)

Conference and Exhibition Venue: Nanjing International Exhibition Center (No. 88 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District)

Booth stand: V09、V10

Post time: Jul-06-2021