Successful delivery of discharge melt pump for 100,000 tons of GPPS production device

On December 1, 2021, at the delivery site of Zhengzhou Vowa Mechanical Co., Ltd., 8 large-size melt gear pumps prepared for 100,000-T/A GPPS project set off.



GPPS plastic is general-purpose polystyrene (GPPS). Polystyrene (PS) is polymerized by styrene monomer (SM). It can be polymerized by a variety of synthetic methods. The industry mainly uses bulk polymerization and suspension polymerization method. The Polystyrene is abbreviated as PS . PS is a thermoplastic non-crystalline resin, mainly divided into general-purpose polystyrene (GPPS, commonly known as transparent benzene), high impact polystyrene (HIPS, commonly known as modified benzene) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) .

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GPPS production equipment has high requirements for large-size melt gear pumps. In the past, Chinese companies used large-size gear pumps imported from abroad. However, now they can choose the large-size gear pump produced by China Zhengzhou Vowa Mechanical Co., Ltd. Our company was established in 2005, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of gear pumps. Finally our company broke the situation that Chinese companies could only use imported large-size melt gear pumps. Now, our company has accumulated a lot of experience and customers in the PS industry, and our products have been recognized by customers. Our pump has the characteristics of good quality, high precision and long life. Welcome to inquire.

Post time: Dec-06-2021