Our company successfully signed the melt gear pump for Shenhua 50,000 tons / year PGA project

On April 30,2021, the company stood out among many competitors with its outstanding performance, strong technical strength and good market reputation, winning the bid for Fusion Gear Pump of Shenhua 50,000-ton Polyester Ethanol acid PGA Demonstration Project. Provide 12 units of 500cc/r, 2500cc/r, 750cc/r.

This category is the world’s first 50,000 ton / year polyethylene unit, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. It accounts for 9.8 hectares of ground reserve and is a national demonstration project.

This project is an extension project of coal-to-olefin industry chain. Its product polyglycolic acid has good biolysis and biointegration, high mechanical strength, excellent formability and gas barrier, and can be applied in packaging materials, surgical sutures, etc. After the project is put into operation, China will achieve a zero breakthrough in degradable plastics (PGA).

Thank you to our customers for their recognition and trust in our company! This is another affirmation of our comprehensive strength, technical level and team cohesion. The company will use high quality products and services as the media, and build more quality projects.

Post time: Jun-21-2021