How To Clean The Melt Pump Better

After the melt pump is used for a period of time, some impurities will remain on the surface of the entire machine and the internal components, which not only affects the appearance of the melt gear pump, but also has a certain impact on the melt gear pump. Then the melt pump needs to be cleaned at this time, but the melt pump is not like ordinary equipment. How to clean the melt gear pump?
In fact, cleaning the melt pump is still very simple. The current cleaning methods used are calcining and solution methods. These two methods are relatively clean and can extend the service life of the components. The most important thing is to use the dissolving wave method. The cleaned melt pump can also achieve the effect of energy saving, the cleaning time is short, the time and effort can be saved, and the power can be saved, the downtime can be reduced, and the normal use can be restored in a short time. Therefore, when many companies are cleaning, most of the methods used are the solution method, because the cleaning quality of this method is good. Of course, some companies like to use the calcining method, but these two methods are for most of the melt pumps. If the calcining method is used, it mainly depends on the field of use of the melt pump and the cleaning used in different fields. The method is also different.
In short, for the cleaning of the melt pump, it must be attentive, and the cleaning quality must also be guaranteed. If you simply wipe the impurities on it, the quality of the cleaning cannot be guaranteed. -Be sure to use a solution to clean, you can wash away the impurities on it, and also to ensure that each component can prolong the service life, and the ring is easy to chemically react with air or other substances.

Post time: Mar-19-2021