Gear pump idle for a long time, how should be maintained?

      Long-term idle gear pump does not run, when starting again may have a lot of problems, such as gear pump jam, gear pump seal leakage or gear pump noise, and on. So what are the causes of these problems?

      There are three main reasons: the gear pump cavity rust, resulting in the pump stuck.

      Gear pump manufacturers generally use the waste engine oil from the test-bed pool repeatedly when they do experiments on gear pumps. These waste engine oil will inevitably contain some moisture. When this part of the waste engine oil containing moisture remains in the cavity of the gear pump for a long time, as a result of full contact with air oxidation, gear pump cavity will rust in a short period of time, resulting in gear pump installed when the use of no movement at all.

       This situation is more common in the newly installed customers, the general customers to buy gear pumps are in the local department to buy. But often they buy these gear pumps are the owner’s inventory or backlog of goods (because as a gear pump, gear oil pump middlemen are to have inventory, but the length of the inventory is different) .

       Gear pump seal damage, resulting in pump leakage. Mechanical seal gear pump because the transmission medium long-term overstock in the mechanical seal end surface will not be active carbon deposition, especially in the transportation of high viscosity materials, if the gear pump does not run for a long time, material and mechanical seal will stick together, when re-start the gear pump when the mechanical end wear gear pump pump pump pump leakage, heavy gear pump mechanical seal spring will be broken, resulting in mechanical seal gear pump direct damage.

       Gas leakage or blockage in the pipeline, resulting in gear pump noise. As a result of long time idle, the pump body may enter the air in the pipeline, thus the pump noise, in addition, the material retained in the pump body, time is too long, changes, resulting in the pump plug. These may increase the pump vibration, pump noise is too large.


      In order to avoid the above problems, we should do a good job of idle pump and spare pump maintenance, such as daily cycle, lubrication work management, hot standby management, winter anti-freeze management.

      1.Spare pump should be regularly maintenance, gear pump disc 3-5 rotation, and check whether the rotor rotation is flexible, there is no bias, disc jam, and so on, once this problem, timely identify the reasons for troubleshooting, pay Special attention to the heavy oil pump.

      2. adhere to the standby pump regular switching maintenance system. The switching period is three months, the driver is a high-voltage motor and the pump which is difficult to switch and easy to cause production fluctuation, the switching period is six months, if there is any difficulty in switching in the production process, it shall be carried out according to the production arrangement.

      3.Take advantage of downtime, do the minor maintenance work of the spare pump (such as plugging, changing the cooling water rubber hose, fastening the water baffle, changing the oil meter, small valve or pressure gauge.

      4.Take advantage of downtime, do a good job of pump lubrication, thoroughly clean the dirty oil tank, replaced with qualified oil.

      5.Check the preheating condition of the preheat pump, do the normal preheating work of the standby pump.

      6.Do a good job of dehydration of the standby pump, winter should do a good job of the standby pump anti-freezing and anti-freezing work.

      Do the above work, reduce the frequent phenomenon, in order to make long-term idle standby pump at any time in a good standby state.

Post time: Oct-27-2021