Control principle of melt booster pump

Melt booster pump is the key equipment of polyester unit, since the start, due to various reasons the two melt booster pump in the normal operation of the process has changed torque limiter off, resulting in a large number of melt waste, causing great economic losses, although many measures (sucas increasing the torque limiter setting, etc.), have little effect, this is a long troubled device installation, stability and a long run.


The melt booster pump pump adopts a temperature gear pump. Due to its expensive cost, in addition to the normal interlocking function, a AUTOGURD torque limiter is installed between the gear pump body and the motor. Once overload, the motor and pump body will be completely removed and reset to operation after the overload.The control principle of the pump is shown in Figure 1.The circuit shown in FIG. 1 is realized in DCS. Its design idea is mainly to take the outlet pressure as the melt pump, adjust the melt pump speed through converter output and maintain the stability of the melt pressure to the downstream device, PIC-11820 as the main circuit and the pump outlet pressure PIC-11807 as the secondary loop. The pump outlet pressure is double detection, and which detection point can be selected through the HS-11807 switch on DCS.S1-11803 Check the melt pump speed, 11-11836 Check the motor current.When the pump outlet pressure is high, the pump interlock is stopped; when the melt pump pump load is large, the torque limiter in the drawing is removed and the melt pump stops.








Post time: Aug-06-2021